Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Junk Yard Heaven

Old Red Truck
In one of my very early posts in this blog (One Man's Junk), I wrote about how much I like junk.  I like it when it's just lying around in nature (as in that earlier post) and I like it when people have found it and turned it into beautiful art.  I spend many a weekend afternoon strolling along the Hudson River just so I can stop and study the 69th Street Transfer Bridge which is actually LAND MARKED junk!  How cool is that?

Wagon Wheels at Gold King Mine in Jerome, Arizona
Wagon Wheels
With that background, it should come as no surprise that I kidnapped the intrepid Nancy B (aka the B and, for the record, it did not require too much convincing) and made a beeline for the Gold King Mine after an afternoon whiled away in Jerome, AZ.

Italian Riviera Scooter
It was late, it was cold, and snow was on the horizon (and the ground) but we had heard tales of this junk yard advertised as a ghost town from fellow travelers who were staying at our B&B home away from home (the Canyon Villas B&B Inn).  To me, a woman who loves the look of old rusty things, it seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up.

Old Tractor
And so it was as the mine is home to all sorts of junk, a few animals, and even a working saw mill!  None of it is for sale but for small entrance fee, visitors are free to wander around and take photos to their hearts content.

It Could be your Father's Studebaker Grill
I could definitely spend more time here -- albeit maybe on a day that is a bit warmer and a little wet.  

Old Car Trifecta

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