Monday, February 18, 2013

Sedona Sunsets

Easter Island Sunset
I used to think that the ONLY great sunsets came about when one was sitting on a Westward facing ocean beach (or lanai) gazing out over the water as the sun slowly sunk below the horizon.   I still adore ocean sunsets but I have become enamored of desert sunsets as well.  Particularly those that occur when there is a dusting of clouds in the sky to pick up the reflection of the sun that is cast back from the land below.

From Airport Mesa in Sedona, the major rock formations are in front of you or to your right and they certainly present a colorful palette on their own -- more about that on another day.  On the particular evening that the intrepid Nancy B (aka the B) and I were there for sunset, the clouds were mainly off to one's left -- looking directly into the sunset but with no particular landmarks to capture. 

Made for a dreamy set of photos as the sun slowly sank below the horizon.

Sedona Sunset - Before Sun Sinks Below the Horizon
Sedona Sunset - Sun Still above  the Horizon
Sedona Sunset - Sun Still  above the Horizon
Sedona Sunset - Just disappeared behind the tree line (may still be above horizon)
Sedona Sunset - Sun Below the Tree Line
Sedona Sunset - Sun is Nowhere to be Seen
Sedona Sunset - Sun Exits Stage Left as the Night Sky Rolls in

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    Simply spectacular !