Saturday, February 9, 2013

NYers Finding Nemo in Central Park

Snow-covered Bridge after Nemo
New Yorkers of all stripes like snow and we typically take advantage of Central Park -- our shared back yard -- after a storm like 2013's Nemo.  Many of us don't have cars to shovel out nor do we have driveways and sidewalks to deal with.  We could hunker down in our apartments and wait for the snow to melt but what is the fun in that?   So, this morning, like many early risers, I took a stroll in Central Park.  As always on a day in which the snow promises to be fluffy and white, I was armed with my camera.

I was early enough to enjoy the way in which the snow transforms Central Park into a quiet white oasis with snow laden trees and bushes.  That's not to say that there weren't folks and creatures frolicking in the soft white snow as these photos demonstrate.

Squirrel on the Roof
I was wandering around Shakespeare's Garden and the Swedish Cottage when I heard a grunting sound from above.  It was the miniature version of the sound a guy will make when he's bench pressing slightly more weight than he can handle.  I'm not sure this little guy ever figured his way off the roof but he did manage to get back on to it after a fair bit of time spent scurrying around on the decorative woodwork below the eaves of the cottage.   

What's My Next Move?
That Didn't Quite Work

Up and Over

Dogs & Snow Just Go Together
'nuf said?

Quiet Corner
Hurry Up Human

High Level Confab

Going Home
I'm Free!

Heads Up!
Apparently, the first (and likely only) blizzard of 2013 was not enough to keep the cyclists from cycling!
Gotta Catch the Peloton!
Catching Up

Feathered Friends
Hard as it is to believe, a wintry New York is home to more than pigeons.
Puffed Up
Polar Bear Club Members

Warmer on the Fence

Sledders and Skiers
Although I saw a couple of corrugated boxes, most sledders were outfitted with pretty fancy gear and the X-country skiers were the same.  A couple of questions come to mind:  (1) Where do they store it all? and (2)  How did my siblings and I survive the hills of Elizabeth and Fernridge Parks without helmets?

A Small Hill Works
Speed Demon with Helmet

Swish, Swish

Out for a Glide & a Romp

Of Walkers, Joggers, Photographers, and Snowmen
And finally there was a great assortment of walkers, joggers, and photographers in the park this morning.  It was that kind of day where it felt good to be outside and moving around.  Few snowmen had been built.  The little guy at the end was gracing Strawberry Fields

Perfect Scene
Getting the Shot

Ginkgo Wonderland

Going Home

Visiting the Garden
Basic Black

Gotta Keep Running 
Snowshoes at the Ready

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