Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Harbingers

Photo of ice on the Lake in NYC's Central Park.
Ice Breakers
It was freezing cold in NYC today.  Although the snow from Storm Nemo (Home and Away Pairings, NYers Finding Nemo in Central Park) had mostly faded away.  It certainly did not feel like spring might be around the corner -- at least to me.

That is until I saw the buds on the cherry trees just to the West of the Reservoir:  
Photo of Kwanzan Cherry Tree Buds in February in Central Park
Kwanzan Cherry Tree Buds
.......and the magnolia buds near Bethesda Fountain:
Photo of magnolia tree buds in Central Park in February
Magnolia Buds in February
...and the Ginkgo buds on the trees overlooking Cherry Hill Fountain:
Gingko in February
....and the snow drops sprouting near Strawberry Fields:
Photo of Snow Drops in Central Park in February
Snow Drops

There were also daffodils starting to poke their way up into the chilly February air.  Even with all these signs of spring, I have this feeling that we've got a couple of months to go before it's fully sprung. 

....I am sure that it will come none to soon for the ducks who make the lake their home:
Photo of ducks swimming at the edge of the ice on the Lake in Central Park.
Cold Duck

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