Thursday, February 14, 2013

Home and Away Pairings

New York's Central Park after the snowstorm that was 2013's Nemo paired with the red rocks of Sedona.

Nemo Blankets Central Park with Snow
Hidden Walker
Airport Mesa Overlook of Sedona Red Rocks
Endless Vista

Nemo Blankets trees in Central Park with Snow
Weighty Matters
Bell Rock driftwood in Sedona
Wolf Shadows
New Yorkers exiting Central Park after enjoying a walk in Nemo's snow
Imagine All the People
Sedona Red Rocks from the Bell Path
Contemplating the Universe (Photo by Nancy B - aka the B)
Nemo blankets Central Park in Snow with view towards NY Skyline
Grey Skies over Manhattan
Airport Mesa Sunset in Sedona
Sedona Sunset
Nemo leaves Central Park coated in snow
Endless White
Pink clouds of a Sedona sunset
It's a Plane (no, really, it is)

.....and a final random pair -- snow in Sedona and spring in New York.......

Early morning view of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte in snow
Blue Sky Snow
Central Park's Conservatory Garden awash in Tulips
The Tulips of the Conservatory Garden

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