Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, Tower, New York, NY,  #brooklynbridge
Brooklyn Bridge Tower from Below

Tug Boat, East River, from the Brooklyn Bridge, NY, NY
Tug Boat
I hadn't walked across the Brooklyn Bridge since I did it with my friend Ann on a cold and gloomy day.  It was a leg on her farewell tour taking in the sights of NYC before she left for points West.  We spent a couple of weekends tooling around the city -- including a visit to the Noguchi Museum and Socrates Peace Park, both in Long Island City.  That was back in the day when Socrates was just a wide open field where artists would create sculptures out of whatever was lying around.  In terms of memories, that day has always stuck with me and I am sure there are some photos in the paper archives.  I most remember the orderly precision of Noguchi's work space and museum juxtaposed with the happenstance nature of Socrates.  Both beautiful.  Each in its own way.

This latest walk across the Bridge was on a late spring day with my niece Julia.  It started with the obligatory stop to gaze up at the Freedom Tower and some quick iPhone photos of children playing in the fountain that surrounds Jeff Koon's Balloon Flower.  Then it was off to the bridge.  I tried, very hard, to take some of those "big sweeping" photos of the bridge -- including making my wide angle lens the lens of choice at the start of our journey.  My eye, however, kept getting drawn to the details.

Tower Arch Close Up, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY,  #brooklynbridge
Tower Arch Close Up - Brooklyn Bridge

Cable Close Up, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY,  #brooklynbridge
Brooklyn Bridge Cables

Over the years, the Brooklyn Bridge has become the home to many a lock -- affixed to the bridge by lovers as an expression of their everlasting love.  Some are just simple padlocks and others are more ornate affairs.  Here's hoping the relationships they represent last as long as the locks.

#padlock, #lock, #brooklynbridge, new york, ny
Brooklyn Bridge Padlock

#padlock, #lock, #brooklynbridge, new york, ny
Padlock Bouquet
 For a really cool full photo of the towers, check out Last Flight Out.

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