Monday, June 17, 2013

Alone in a Crowd: #NYCPianoParty

Sunday was a grand finale party -- a veritable crescendo of color and sound as #88pianos came together on the Josie Robertson Plaza at Lincoln Center before being disbursed to their new homes in schools, community centers, and health organizations.  I am sure they will be loved wherever they may land.  Yesterday, I wrote about the Lift to Begin Piano by James Alicia.  And I've chronicled about Sing for Hope, the nonprofit that puts this extravaganza together, in I am Opus the Octopus, and i love Music (other posts that I've written about the #SFHpianos are For My Grandma and The Loneliest Pianos).

It was busy at Lincoln Center as the spring crafts fair was also in full swing -- lots of traffic coming and going, piano playing, and hourly concerts.  Not to mention the free Chobani yogurt (thank you Chobani) and t-shirts (thank you Sing for Hope) that were available on the plaza.  My niece and I were just finishing up our tour of the pianos and the crafts fair when I spotted this gentleman seated at the Chobani piano.   Wrapped with the brand's "iconic foil lids," this particular piano is signed by employees from the around the world.

For what seemed like a long while, he was a pool of stillness and quiet in the midst of the crowd of folks milling about the plaza -- all of us lost in the joy of an event that brought together pianos and artists on a gorgeous sunny day.

Alone in a Crowd, #SFHpianos, #chobanipiano, #artforall, #singforhope, #NYC, 2013
Alone in a Crowd
And then he sat up, put on his hat, and reached out one hand to play a few notes at the piano.  Soft notes that one could barely hear above the sound of the crowd and the nearby pianos.  They were, without a doubt, the most poignant notes I heard all day.

A Few Notes, #SFHpianos, #chobanipiano, #artforall, #singforhope, #NYC, 2013
A Few Notes

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