Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lift to Begin: #NYCPianoParty

Lift to Begin, #SFHPianos, #jamesalicia, #LincolnCenter, new york city
Lift to Begin, James Alicia
 Today was the last day of the Sing for Hope piano exhibition that has been gracing the streets of NYC for the last two weeks.  I managed to see eleven of the 88 pianos "in situ" (I am Opus the Octopus, and I Love Music, For My Grandma, and The Loneliest Pianos).  Today brought an opportunity to see them all in one place at Lincoln Center on the Josie Robertson Plaza.  It was quite something to see all 88 ringing the fountain and it will take more than one blog post to present them (if, in fact, I got pictures of all 88).

Lift to Begin, #SFHPianos, #jamesalicia, #LincolnCenter, new york city
Graffiti Meets Piano:  Love at First Sight
It's interesting to review my photos as there were some pianos that I was clearly drawn to based on the number of photos and taking into account that my first approach was to follow the concentric circles of pianos with my iPhone.  This was followed by a more haphazard approach with my camera (the very light SP-590 Utz by Olympus which fits into a pocketbook).  I sent a photo of the Lift to Begin piano out on Instagram and James Alicia, the artist, left a comment about how he is sad to say goodbye to his piano.  I can see why.  It's amazing.

Visit Sean Hoke Photography's blog for photos of the artists at work on the pianos including several of Lift to Begin, the piano featured here.
Lift to Begin, #SFHPianos, #jamesalicia, #LincolnCenter, new york city
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