Tuesday, June 4, 2013

For My Grandma - #NYCPianoParty

#SFHPianos, Times Square Piano, 2013 #maxinenienow

I am currently on the hunt for the pianos that comprise the 2013 version of Sing for Hope's 88 piano installation that has taken over New York city.  In  I am Opus the Octopus and I Love Music, I chronicled my visit to the piano that is located outside the Dairy in Central Park.  Today's post is about the piano in Times Square.

#SFHPianos, Times Square Piano, 2013 #maxinenienow
For My Grandma
A small confession -- I typically don't love to visit Times Square as it is usually packed and, for the most part, it's the out-of-town visitors who are thronging the area.  I've been twice in the past month -- the first time to see the Star Wars fighter (biggest Lego model EVER) and the second time to see the piano.  The fighter was a little easier to find -- occupying as it did a prime place near the stairs that serve as a gathering place for folks who want to get above the fray.  The piano, on the other hand, was tucked off to the side -- right next to the Rickshaw Dumplings kiosk if you want a good hint as to how to find it.   When I did find it, there was a couple figuring out their photo shoot and a fellow piano stalker waiting, like me, until they left.  My Instagram post is both a photo shoot of the photo shoot and of the photographer waiting to do a photo shoot.  Cute, eh?

#artforall, #nycpianoparty, #NYCpianos
Piano Paparazzi!
Maxine Nienow has written that her intention was to create a painting that Mexicans and Latinas will respond to when they see it.  I think she has accomplished that and much, much more with the dedication to her Grandma and the quote that she included on one side.  It resonates.

#SFHPianos, Times Square Piano, 2013 #maxinenienow
Words to Inspire

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