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Zebras: Boys will be Boys

This series, shot on the Southern Serengeti with Wildebeest grazing peacefully in the background, is of a group of high-spirted young male Zebras engaging in a bit of mock fighting. Ultimately, they headed off into the dist ance -- only to start all over again. Hmm, I wonder if there was a young female around to impress.

Paradise Lost

We moved quietly through the lush tropical jungle in search of the giant green sea turtle that had come ashore to lay her eggs. Julia and I (separately, we compared notes later) were thinking if only I hadn’t had that last glass of wine this would be a lot easier. Peter led the way, briefing us on the need for quiet and alerting us that our viewing time would be short so that we did not disturb the turtle. Solvay brought up the rear as we made our way to the spot she had chosen to lay her eggs. I had never seen a turtle up close and personal – on water or on land so this was to be a first. Aah, there she was bathed in the eerie red light of a flashlight covered by a filter. And then she was gone. We toddled off down the moonlit beach for our last night in our tropical hideaway. In Unexpected, I wrote about the late-breaking decision that I needed to make around the last leg of my Tanzania trip just six weeks before my niece and I were slated to depart. A long-planned trip w