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Making Decisions for Me

Me in Tofino (by the B) Have you ever imagined a time when you are unable to make decisions for yourself?   Thought about who will watch out for you if you need medical care? Who knows how you would make decisions?   What data would you want?   Who knows what you think about life-prolonging treatments?   Who knows how you feel about dying?   Who knows you? Have you looked at that moment through the eyes of relatives and loved ones who may have no – or every -- legal authority to make decisions for you?   Gathered around you as you lie in a coma or nervously waiting outside the operating room as surgeons struggle to save your life?   Have you thought about the range of decisions that might need to be made for you?   Each decision likely leading to another decision -- with sadness and grief permeating them all.   We don’t like thinking about those types of things – at least my family doesn’t and I wouldn’t be surprised if yours didn’t as well.   You might, like me, have a