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Of Hopper, Hockney, & Irwin

Hopper at the Flatiron Building I'll get to who Irwin is in a few minutes but let's start with Edward Hopper whose exhibit I went to see yesterday with my friend Kate.  The Hopper exhibit was the draw for a visit to the Whitney Museum -- a place that I had never set foot in until yesterday.  I haven't been much of a museum goer in my years of living in NYC despite managing to visit museums in pretty much everyplace I travel to (most recently making a stop in Seattle with the express purpose of seeing the Chihuly Museum (some photos from that visit are in Vacation Mode ). This seems to be changing.  I'm even a member of the Metropolitan Museum (or was -- I think I have yet to renew).  What I liked about the Whitney is that having gone to see the Hopper exhibit, I was not too exhausted to visit the other floors and partake of their treasures.  I also liked that they allow non-flash photography for non-commercial, personal use (although they do note that there may be

Midtown Reflections

Last weekend, I wandered around midtown -- starting near the 59th street bridge and ending up over by Bergdorf's.  It was one of those days with fluffy white clouds floating against a blue sky.  The kind of day where buildings sheathed seem to disappear into the sky. Queensboro Bridge Reflection Roosevelt Island Tram Progression 420 East 61st Street North GM Reflected in the Apple Store Solow Building

Big Yellow Trucks

Earlier this week, I posted a piece on GeriPal -- Remembering David Solomon  -- about one of the great champions of improving care for older adults.  It was a serious piece about someone who I adored and respected.  David recently passed away -- at home surrounded by friends at the age of 90.  I will miss him.  It took me a long time to sit down and write that post but once I did (sit down that is), the piece just flowed out.  Some would call it writing from the heart. This piece is not so serious nor did it take me so long to sit down and write it. It's about yellow trucks.  Just two of them to be exact but they are looming large in my photographic truck collection -- beating out the red truck that graced my Junk Yard  Heaven post and the rusted truck that graced one of my early posts -- One Man's Junk . Big Yellow Truck Blocking the Entrance to the Queensboro Bridge  Maybe it's because these yellow trucks are still working and they are a LOT bigger than the ot

Queen Anne's Lace: Adventures in Photo Editing

No words.  Just the same photo edited in #aperture and #snapseed.   Lightly Edited (#aperture) Very Edited (#snapseed)  Hmm. See also:   Playing with Snapseed