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Taking an Iris Break

Purple Gem Iris Bedecked I set out to walk six miles yesterday -- and did!  Not sure if it counts as training because I took an iris break at around mile two to enjoy the early signs of spring in Central Park's Conservatory Garden.  It was about a week later than last year's Iris expedition ( Season Spring, Forecast Snow ) and felt a lot colder because of the clouds and threatening rain (which showed up around mile 5) but the Irises seemed to have held up under the heavy rains on Saturday.  The crocus (or is that croci?), on the other hand, had not fully bloomed yet.  Maybe next weekend? Iris Katharine Hodgkins Iris Reticula Katharine Hodgkins Iris Bejeweled Katharine Hodgkins Iris Bejeweled in B&W Mixed Bouquet OR Crocus on the Cusp

It's a Big State. Or, It Takes Time to Get Around Alaska II

Captain of the Ship? I left off on the travel saga of getting from My Denali to the Kenai Peninsula when my niece Kristen (#thetravelingkristen) and I were on the cusp of getting on a boat.  This was the shortest leg of our journey ( It Takes Some Time to Get Around Alaska ) -- our small boat would take us and other intrepid travelers across Resurrection Bay out into the Pacific Ocean.  Eventually, we would land at  Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge but not until after lunch.  And, more importantly, not until after we felt the wind in our face, the rocking of a boat moving quickly across the water, and saw some whales, puffins, otters, and sea lions.  In other words, not until we had an adventure. The "Real" Captain of the Ship There is something about a small boat in the midst of the ocean that is at once exhilarating and terrifying.  Truth be told, there were lots of other small boats in Resurrection Bay and I think the only real danger we were in was that the engine mi

Aruba Waves. Or, Last One on the Bus Again

A 3.5 hour shore excusion to see the sights  of Aruba.  Four stops.  15 minutes at each stop.  We were at the back of the bus (so cut five minutes off our time).  What's a shutter bug to do? Snap quickly! These were at our last stop - the baby bridge.  I must say that  I love my EVIL -- one of the abbreviations in vogue for mirror less camera systems.  EVIL stands for Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangable Lenses (in case you were wondering). HEREWITH, some waves...