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We'll See (on productivity, scribbles, and photos)

So much for any commitment I made last year to either writing more or at least posting more frequently here at Scribbles and Photos.  *Takes break to tidy up apartment. I guess I really meant the "we'll see" at the end of Backend Housekeeping (on the blog)  in January 2020.   *Takes break to tweet sadness about how very few photos made the short list for a #500px quest. To be fair to myself, it's not like I haven't been writing or taking photos! It's just that I haven't been active on this blog since August 17, 2020. *Gets distracted by the end of the episode of the Waltons (S3, E2: The Conflict) playing in the background.  I supposed now is as good a time as any to reveal that in addition to binging many of the same things everyone else has binged during quarantine, I've also binged Gilmore Girls (reminded that Rory is a piece of work), Little House on the Prairie, the Waltons, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Women. Something oddly comforting about