We'll See (on productivity, scribbles, and photos)

So much for any commitment I made last year to either writing more or at least posting more frequently here at Scribbles and Photos. 

*Takes break to tidy up apartment.

I guess I really meant the "we'll see" at the end of Backend Housekeeping (on the blog) in January 2020.  

*Takes break to tweet sadness about how very few photos made the short list for a #500px quest.

To be fair to myself, it's not like I haven't been writing or taking photos! It's just that I haven't been active on this blog since August 17, 2020.

*Gets distracted by the end of the episode of the Waltons (S3, E2: The Conflict) playing in the background. 

I supposed now is as good a time as any to reveal that in addition to binging many of the same things everyone else has binged during quarantine, I've also binged Gilmore Girls (reminded that Rory is a piece of work), Little House on the Prairie, the Waltons, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Women. Something oddly comforting about returning to a time when our television choices were more limited and we waited anxiously for that next episode of our favorite series. 

*Takes a break to attend to chronic ingrown toenail on my arthritic left toe (let's just say podiatrist -- who I haven't seen in two years -- will not be pleased). I know TMI.

I've been thinking about posting to this blog since the end of June -- sort of a celebration of the end of my focus on "NYC in the Era of #COVID19" over on 500px.  Alas, with the rise of Delta and other variants I don't think we've seen the end of the era of #COVID19 and so that series will continue on even as I travel a bit more and venture out to restaurants and to see a show (Bruce Springsteen's second Broadway run). The fact that we have three vaccines is amazing (#trustthescience). I am profoundly sad that people are dying because they believe conservative pundits and politicians (ALL OF WHOM are vaccinated).  Screams into void 😱. #GetVaccinated #MaskUp

*Reminded of how sad I am about the death of Barry the barred owl in early August after late night collision with a maintenance vehicle in Central Park.

Barry (pictured above) inspired me to get out and see the birds that frequent my own back yard -- Central Park -- and that's been an amazing experience. Bird photography is very challenging and I doubt I will ever fully master it. Photography skills aside, there is a joy in birding that is palpable as people come together with binoculars and cameras in tow to see nature unfold around them. I am most appreciative of all the experienced birders who take the time to help us newbies find the birds that they are seeing flying high or perched on branches. I have yet to start a list of birds that I've seen in my lifetime but I think the breakthrough that I made because of Barry is that there is peace and tranquility in simply sitting and observing birds that is like no other. 

Thank you Barry for the gift of birding. I miss knowing you are in my backyard. I miss you. May you rest in peace. 

*Mulls over productivity, scribbles, and photos.

The reality is that I never want my scribbles and photos to feel too much like work -- even when those same scribbles and photos are related to my work (case in point my Tools for Living series on twitter). In this metric driven world, there is a danger that everything becomes about the numbers (how often I post, how many likes did I get, how much reach did I have). I want my personal photography practice and writing to continue to be about mindfulness and what brings me joy.  A long-winded way of saying who knows when I'll scribble here again.  I am standing pat on my "we'll see" from January 2020.