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Fun Things I Learned This Week

This week, I learned a couple of new tricks (what is that saying about teaching old dogs?) -- and it's only Tuesday! Trick One:   PicMonkey This is one cool little program for making collages and will solve the issues I have with blogger when I want to do a blog that is mostly photos with very little text (e.g., Zebras:  Boys will be Boys ).  This is going to save me hours and is a hell of a lot easier than moving over to a blog platform that is more photo friendly.   Plus, it makes for more interesting visuals when posting to Pinterest.  Woo hoo! I doubt that it will lead to me being a more prolific poster though. Trick Two:  Depositing Checks from Home My first bank account was a savings account with a passbook.  Deposits, withdrawals were all recorded by hand -- requiring a visit to the bank, a paper deposit slip, and a bit of a wait in line.  That was followed by a checking account with -- gasp -- my very own checks and statements that arrived once a mont