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Cruise Ship Dos and Cruise Ship Don'ts

It is day three of the intrepid Nancy B’s and my Panama Canal Cruise on #HollandAmerica.   So far, we’ve embarked (day one and exhausting), stopped at Half Moon Cay (day two and relaxing), and cruised the Caribbean Sea (today and the jury is still out).   Tonight is our first formal night and we have reserved an early dining table.   In other words, we are out early birding the early birds! I haven’t learned many dos and don’ts on this cruise (yet).   So far, we’ve stood in the reserved dining table line twice when we haven’t had a reservation and they’ve just seated us (we whisper when we get to the head of the line).   And, we’ve learned that we are an anomaly and so everyone remembers our name and we remember just the names of the last couple we met. I have, however, learned a lot about cruises from the movies and am in the mood for sharing.   See if you can guess the movie (answers are at the end).   The photos accompanying this post are from my tour of the ship to t

It Takes Some Time to Get Around Alaska

Seward Harbor First days of vacation are the best!  You have the whole vacation to look forward to and, if you are lucky, nothing terribly bad is going wrong (at least for the moment).  On the order of terribly wrong, today didn't even come close.  A flight delay out of JFK and long lines at security for #JetBlue don’t really rise to the occasion.  Not being able to get a cup of coffee before my flight because of the aforementioned long lines – well that could be a little headache inducing if you have a daily triple shot latte #Starbucks habit.  Which I do.  But still nothing terribly wrong. Traveling the Seward Highway is better than #Prozac So, what do I usually write about when I’m heading out on vacation?   Normally the upcoming vacation but I appear to have not finished reporting on my vacation with the #travelingkristen back in July!   Now, how did that happen you might be wondering?   Hmm, let me see.   Life kind of intervened and then there was the not editi

Expedition Richard Serra

Inside Out :: Richard Serra I went down to see the Richard Serra exhibit at the Gargosian Galleries three times.  No, really, I did.  It's not like I'm a big aficionado of Serra's work. Specifically, he is not an artist that I would typically stalk but, here I was, a few weekends over the past month or so doing just that.  Stalking him that is.  This stalking was a bit different from my past efforts because it did not involve any efforts to "find" the art ( Expedition Keith Haring , Expedition #Bansky , or Expedition Real World ).  No, this art was in a gallery in Chelsea, well advertised, and easily found.   Endings - A Detail from Intervals :: Richard Serra To be clear, I am not sure that the first expedition to the Gargosian counts (the gallery was closed) nor is it certain that the third should count (we saw oh so much more art than just the Serra's) so this report is mainly about the second expedition which was a completely focused effort to ge

Walking. Function. Geriatrics.

A Walk in the Park I admit it, I have been a bit obsessed with walking since having my toe surgery last September (there is a run of posts that begins with Wiggling My Toes  where I talk about the surgery and my post-operative progress.  There is also my more recent commitment, gulp, to walk a half marathon this year ( Resolved ).  This week, my podiatrist cleared me to train for that little adventure.  That's a good thing because I had already kind of started doing that (training that is).  I'll get more serious come the spring and I will walk that half marathon come fall with my dear friend Linda.  Or so I think. On Tuesday, I walked to the podiatrist's office.  It was a beautiful day for a walk in Central Park.  Quiet and peaceful after a Monday storm had dumped about 8 inches of snow on NYC.  The trees were still coated in white.  Because school was not canceled, the park was primarily filled with adult walkers, runners, the occasional biker, and Moms with strolle