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Expedition: Roosevelt Row (Phoenix, Arizona)

El Mac + Kofie (a collaborative mural) I have sorely neglected this blog in favor of other platforms (Instagram, 500px) which are more focused on the photography than on the writing.  And, of course, there is the siren call of the likes and the shout outs that those platforms offer.  Mind you, if I were a character in that first episode of Black Mirror, I'd would be on the bottom of the social media heap. Yesterday, I went on my second street art expedition of the year -- the first was in Las Vegas (more to follow from that one) and this one was to Roosevelt Row (#RoRo) in Phoenix.  The streets were mostly deserted (in some cases, wholly deserted) and I think I was the oldest person out doing a downtown street art crawl.  I did run across an older couple in an alley but he seemed pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing.  And the herd of high school students with teachers was either at the end of their expedition or stuffed after their impromptu trip to the ice cre