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Bow Bridge, Two Ways

There are three spots that I like for photographing Bow Bridge in Central Park.  I hit two of them up last Saturday...

Slowly, fall

Fall cometh to NYC, albeit slowly.

Cleaning (as if someone else might have to)

It started with the shoes in the corner of the bedroom, continued through three closets, two dressers, and the desk in my office at work, a huge chest in my living room, a small filing cabinet, and the front hall closet. Next stop is the storage room that I haven’t visited in at least 5 years. Some might call this spring cleaning but for me it’s more episodic and usually sparked by something like being annoyed enough by the pile of shoes in the corner to find them a home. As always happens during one of these all too rare bouts of purging, I think about the family cleaning events as parents, aunts, and grandparents moved on and it’s not like I’m alone in that regard. I was having dinner with a few friends last week and we were swapping our caregiver cleaning stories. I found that my late father’s desire to hold on to his power tools was matched by my friend’s father’s desire to bring them all with him to his new assisted living facility. She showed us pictures of his

Cuban Cars

Much has been written about the cars of Cuba -- there are about 60,000 of them on the island ( Cuba's Vintage Cars Won't Join Rum and Cigars in the United States ).   That they still run -- and in a lot of cases are as shiny as they day they rolled off the lot -- is a testament to the mechanical prowess of the Cubans who keep them running.  Today's post is a homage to one of those cars -- not the shiniest of the lot but a feast for the eyes on an early morning walk along the streets of Havana.

Expedition: Roosevelt Row (Phoenix, Arizona)

El Mac + Kofie (a collaborative mural) I have sorely neglected this blog in favor of other platforms (Instagram, 500px) which are more focused on the photography than on the writing.  And, of course, there is the siren call of the likes and the shout outs that those platforms offer.  Mind you, if I were a character in that first episode of Black Mirror, I'd would be on the bottom of the social media heap. Yesterday, I went on my second street art expedition of the year -- the first was in Las Vegas (more to follow from that one) and this one was to Roosevelt Row (#RoRo) in Phoenix.  The streets were mostly deserted (in some cases, wholly deserted) and I think I was the oldest person out doing a downtown street art crawl.  I did run across an older couple in an alley but he seemed pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing.  And the herd of high school students with teachers was either at the end of their expedition or stuffed after their impromptu trip to the ice cre