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Wildebeest Lessons

Turning the Corner (Southern Serengeti Under Canvas) What I learned on the way to seeing the "great migration" is that it's more than getting safely across t he Mara River. That's just one point in a big and endless movement of herds that varies only in its timing from year to year. In a nutshell, the herds are following the rains -- it takes a lot of new grass to feed the approximately 1.5 million wildebeests. Along the way, they are eating, having babies, fighting amongst each other, eating, making love, and falling prey to predators. Those are all facts about wildebeest an d the migration -- for those with an appetite for such facts, they are easily found elsewhere on the Web. As for me, I've written about how I return to Africa time and again in Unexpected . Truth be told, I was hoping that this trip -- my third -- would get the dark continent out of my blood, leaving space for all those other adventures on other continents. A Rare Sighting of