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Back Pockets

Summer 2019 Two summers with two decidedly different vibes here in NYC.  The approach to photography? Same.  Both photos shot from my navel as I was walking behind someone.  Apparently, my navel was approximately level to the pockets on both occasions.    Summer 2020

Vodka Tonic Anyone?

Up until about 10 minutes ago, I was convinced that I had taken a photo of a trash bag filled with empty gin and tonic bottles back in early June. I had a whole backstory planned for 500px about my first boss who used to use cheap gin and cheap vodka to make gin that tasted remarkably like Tangueray (the original). Or maybe it tasted like Tangueray because he poured that cheap concoction out of a Tangueray bottle? I remember slowly sipping  Gin & Tonics on the wide front porch of his house with colleagues and thinking that this was adulting at its finest. I swore off gin after over-imbibing it at a house party that we threw (also adulting). This was all in my 20s.  Gin recently crept back into my life and my house because of Negronis, Zoom cocktail hours, and sheltering-in-place. These days it's Bombay Sapphire. I'll save the Campari stories for when I find a bag filled with empty Campari bottles. Hmm, a trip to Italy may be in order since I'm not sure how

Trashy Movie

Since I wrote Cigarette Butts , I've made a trashy movie that, quite literally, consists of the trash that I saw on an early morning walk last Thursday (July 9th) on the upper Westside of NYC. I also found another cigarette butt at the base of one of the statues in Madison Square Park and read up on how toxic said butts  are for our environment .  No doubt about it, smoking is not good for anyone.      View this post on Instagram So, I made a trashy movie out of my photos from a July morning walk in the era of #COVID19 on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. This all started because I am obsessed with Irving Penn’s photos of cigarettes. When you start hunting for the #butts on the ground, you see a lot of other trash along the way. The cover photo for this reminds me of my Mom, always the 💄 on the end of her #cigarettes. #NYC #garbage A post shared by Nancy Lundebjerg (@nlundebjerg) on Jul 11, 2020 at 10:18am PDT We humans make a lot of garbage.