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Spring Garden: An Album

Selected photos from the Conservatory Garden in NYC's Central Park (and an experiment with linking to Picasa rather than importing photos so just click not the photo below and enjoy). Spring Garden

My Online Gallery (Pinterest)

Yet Another Coronado Sunset By now, you likely have heard of Pinterest -- the online community for organizing and sharing, well, just about everything one can find on the Web as long as there is an image (or Video) to share!  Pinterest aims to connect everyone in the world through things we (you and me that is) find interesting.  That is a BIG goal. Famous people who are pinning include Barack Obama  (while his campaign is pinning for him -- you don't really think the leader of the free world has time to pin do you?).  Nicholas Kristoff was pinning for a while but his Boards seem to have disappeared.  Perhaps he got a little antsy about the copyright ownership polices  (which are better  than they were).   Like Facebook, there are a lot of "fake" famous people (e.g., Lady Gaga and Britney Spears each have multiple boards).  Artists are using it to share their work and marketers are busy figuring out how they can tap into all those eyes out there.  At the end o

Inflight Entertainment

Gingko Shadows There’s not many things I do on impulse these days particularly when it comes to purchasing anything that has an on and off switch (other than lamps).   Usually, I read endless reviews, I wait for the 2 nd generation (and sometimes the 3 rd or 4 th generation!), I watch for sales and I resign myself to never, ever being the kid on the block with the coolest new toy. This morning, for the 2 nd time in as many months, I succumbed to impulse.  The first time had been for the Lytro Camera -- it just seemed so cool to me that this little camera would let me snap a picture without worrying about focus – capturing all the light and leaving me to play with focusing the image after the fact and at my leisure OR not focus the photo at all and let other people play with the image.  Sure there are drawbacks (proprietary software for one) but this little camera is probably going to transform photography as we know it.  As an inveterate shutterbug, I just couldn’t resis

Shedding Petals

I was wrong about the tulips -- they survived the cold and the rain of a couple of weeks ago.  Indeed, some had seemingly just emerged.... Others, were making a glorious exit this year -- as beautiful in their final unfolding as they had been upon their initial unfurling....

Empty Mind

African Morning Web It’s a week later and I’m another plane flying towards home.   This time my TV works and I’m happily watching Law & Order, it’s the perfect show for a mind that appears to have been wiped clean of any coherent thoughts.   My mind, in case you are wondering.    It’s an episode that I’ve seen and the contours of the story are starting to take shape as we round the turn to the side of the show that is owned by Jack McCoy.   If I were a lawyer, he is the lawyer I would want to be.   In the end, they’ll prove that the blond teenage daughter convinced the mentally unstable man to murder her mother.   Law and order – all neatly sewed together   in the space of hour. It’s been a long week of meetings and corridor confabs.   I’ll be glad to be home and tomorrow I have a spa day planned.   Then, I think, it’s off to DC (I really should confirm that though) for another couple of days of meetings.   Seems unfathomable that I would be hitting the road aga