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That Time in Between

Sight by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px I am one week into the two week break between my first cataract surgery and my second ( From Severely Myopic to.... ).   So far so good (knock on wood) -- I'm healing on schedule and there are no signs of retinal detachment.  Plus, my right eye tested at 20/20 which for someone who has been myopic since she was 10 is pretty darn cool.  Except for the two rats that I probably would not have seen on my walk last night in Central Park if not for this new right eye. The only issue I've had is with reading and working on the computer -- which has made the last week a bit challenging.  This was not unexpected given that my left eye still requires a great deal of correction.  How much you might ask?  My eye glass prescription for that eye is -17.5 and my contact lens prescription is -12.  I am anticipating that I won't need correction for myopia in my new right eye but will need readers.  In a nutshell, a pretty big difference right no

From Severely Myopic to....

Herring Creek Farm, Martha's Vineyard (2/2) by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px I have been wearing glasses since I was 10.  It started with not being able to see the blackboard in the 4th grade and went rapidly downhill from there.  Name a kind of contact and I've probably warn it -- starting with hard lenses in the 8th grade (might slow the progression of your Myopia) and progressing to the ACUVUE  daily wear lenses that have been my go to contacts for some time now.  Name a treatment for making eye glass lenses thinner, lighter, glare proof -- and I'm confident I've paid for it. Last Friday, I had cataract surgery on my right eye and I'll have the left eye done in two weeks.  in my research before the surgery, I read something in the guidance for ophthalmologists that basically said:  "Your severely myopic patient will be among the most happy" -- true that (at least so far).  I admit, I'm a little young for cataract surgery but I had a particular