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Short Burst: Beach Umbrellas

Snorkeling off the Big Island On the morning after the October 2011 N'Easter, it only seems fitting to be thinking about warmer climes and more specifically about beach umbrellas and the endless search for shade.  I love the beach but I am of a certain complexion (fair) and shade ranks high on my list of requirements when traveling to the beach or sitting by the pool.  Things can get pretty ugly on the shade circuit.  Particularly when there is a distinct lack of umbrellas -- NONE -- as was the case at the large pool at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii.   The resort has umbrellas and shade chaises by its man-made lagoon but get there VERY early if you want to score one of those.   For such a large resort -- clearly not enough shade to go around. Fortunately, the resort will run you over to the Marriott which sits on the  Anaeho'omalu Bay beach. A lovely, quiet spot with chaises, a gentle surf (at least in June), and enough shade to go around.   A

Short Burst: Mad about Fall Ginkgoes

Gingko & Friends I love writing and sinking my teeth into a post and letting the words carry me where they may.  This results in longer posts (it's like I'm channeling Charles Dickens and getting paid by the word).   For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to try writing in short bursts about something that's on my mind. It's the last week in October and I'm aflutter with anticipation -- the ginkgos that dot the streets of NY and Central Park have already begun to turn and these next two weekends should mark that glorious time of year when green turns to yellow and leaves start to flutter gently to the ground.  It's among my favorite times of year in NYC.  Looking forward to a ramble in Central Park with my camera on Sunday -- one among many who are stalking the vibrant colors.  The only snag in the plan may be the wet snow and rain forecast for Saturday.   A smattering from Octobers past. Twins Branches amidst Yellow Some L


Ocean Rock (Kangeroo Island, Australia) I have a mental picture of the world’s strongest man in my head that just pops up whenever I think about “strength.”  You know – the circus strong man.  A very bulky man holding a very large barbells above his head with one hand.  He’s drawn in a way that emphasizes heft over sculpted abs and arms – the general meaning being that sheer mass = strength.  There are other cartoon characters who embody strength.  Popeye the Sailor Man – flexing his muscle after pouring a can of spinach down his throat or Bamm Bamm -- that tiny strongman  occupying a cave toddler’s body. One can clearly see the value of physical strength on the current glut of reality competition shows.  No matter how much they try to put the brain into it – at the end of the day, most competition shows are going to boil down to physical strength and athleticism.  It’s a pretty safe bet that the team that is not physically fit is most likely NOT going to be the one that wins t

Big Chicken

My Mii Poised for Take Off It's been about 2 1/2 months since I recommitted to exercise and to losing weight (read all about it in Me and My Mii .    I may not have lost much weight but it sure has been amusing and I do feel better. First things first, Zumba and me (at least the Wii version of Zumba) did not turn out to be the best of friends.  I should have known.  If my knees were too old for Jazzercize in my 20s, why would I think Zumba would be good for me in my 50s? Second things second, I am no longer obese according to my talking balance board.  Woo hoo!  Slow going but some progress. Flapping as Hard as I can The question is whether it is worth giving up white flour and white sugar -- except for the occasional chocolate chip cookie and dinner out.   Perhaps more importantly, is the relatively slow progress on the weight loss a sign that I should be eating more?  Maggie (who has been cutting my hair for over a decade (I think)) posited that this was the case

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