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Halloween Window, #BGwindows Holidays on Ice 2013 I featured the Halloween window from the Bergdorf's Holidays on Ice 2013 extravaganza on Day 4  and Day 13 of 31 days of Holiday windows from last December.   When it comes to the Bergdorf holiday windows, there's always a few more photos to share. Wonder what David Hoey and team are cooking up for 2014?  Stay tuned. Step into My Parlor Floating Nevermore The Hand Reaches

Rim Shots

The thing about canyons is that they have rims.  This shot is from an expedition out to Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon National Park. Rim Shots


The Bling One of the challenges I set for myself in 2014 was to walk a half marathon ( Resolved ) sometime in the fall.  Check! Along the way, I walked 500 miles or so according to my Fitbit and I've seen a lot of parts of NYC that I had not seen before.  I chronicled most of these walks with a photo or two (or maybe 3 or 4 or 10 -- you get my drift) with my trusty iPhone and posted many of my finds to Instagram (nlundebjerg).   My adventures in walking included a jaunt up to the George Washington Bridge where I finally saw the Little Red Light House. Little Red Lighthouse Rambles around Central Park where I wasn't supposed to stop and take any photographs (while, maybe I have time for just one or two). Flower Power Strolls after work that often began with a stroll along Fulton towards the Freedom Tower and ended somewhere up north... Freedom Tower Jaunts along the East River walking path -- which takes one under the Brooklyn and the M

A Tree Grows on Wall Street

A Tree Grows on Wall Street I I know, it would have been very cool if I could have gotten the whole tree into one photo.   I couldn't back up far enough to do that so we'll just have to settle for somewhat cool.  This particular tree was seeking the light  in the narrow corridors of Wall Street along the Navajo Loop Trail.  It's the most popular trail in Bryce Canyon National Park which definitely prevented me from having an alone in the wilderness moment.  We did the trail in reverse -- dropping 800 feet from the rim down through Bryce Amphitheater and then winding our way along the bottom of the canyon until we started up Wall Street.  This tree marked the entrance to trail section that would bring us back up to the rim via steps cut into the red rock and a series of switch backs.  A great way to get a feel for Bryce Canyon and a perfect introductory walk. A Tree Grows on Wall Street II


Bryce Canyon that is. View from Bryce Point Also a View from Bryce Point