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Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse in Technicolor I confess, it took me a while to figure out that the 58th street windows at Bergdorf Goodman might (just might mind you) be celebrating the Year of the Horse.  I think that it took longer because the horses look a lot like pinatas what with their vivid stripes.  These windows are always particularly hard to photograph because of the reflections.  In this iteration,  the horses seem to disappear into the tress in the black and white version of the photo above (below). The Year of the Horse in Black & White On the eve of Chinese New Year, it seems appropriate to check into see where I am in what I am going to call my "more" list (as in I'm going to do more of this and more of that -- see Resolved ). Walk More .  I am!  Walking more that is.  I've determined I can walk between four and five miles at a stretch (baseline for training to walk a half marathon is 3 miles) and now I just need to walk faster.  The biggest pro


Head & Cave (My Title, A closeup of The Real World :: Tom Otterness 1992) I just spent a bit of time polishing up  Expedition Real World  -- making some tweaks to sentences and adding a couple of new sentences here and there.  Some changes were to fix grammar, others to make smoother transitions between points, still others to make new points.  Nothing major, just another example of needing to remember to  Write, Edit, Repeat .  Oh, and maybe to proof and not rely on spell check!?!? Bottoms Up (My Title, a close up of The Real World :: Tom Otterness 1992)

Expedition Real World

The Real World :: Tom Otterness (1992) I did not set out today to find the art of Tom Otterness.  Today was about walking along the Hudson River with my friend Kate and getting to my 3-4 mile goal for the day (thanks to Kate for helping me make it).  We found his sculptures as we were heading in from the river in search of a hidden little gem of a park that sits between the buildings that make up the North End of Battery Park City.   So I almost missed them. Spanking (My Title, a close up of The Real World :: Tom Otterness 1992) The sculptures, that is.  I almost missed the bronzes that make up The Real World, a 1992 installation by Tom Otterness that occupies a corner of Nelson Rockefeller Park at Warren Street.  I think my face lit up like a little kid's when I spotted them.   I'd been wanting to see some of his work up close and personal for a quite some time and there it was!  I guess my peripheral vision is not quite as bad as I thought it was.   It is quite

A Walk along the Hudson

Feed the Birds - Still Yesterday, I went for a walk along the Hudson River.  I traveled light (read no camera) because the goal was to see if I could walk three miles (the starting mileage for actually training for a half marathon,   Resolved ).  I made the goal and then some -- hitting about four miles all told after running some errands.  My new Nike fuel band faithfully reported to me that I had a blip in the middle of my walk where I came to a stop.  That was for two reasons. 79th Street Boat Basin Reflections The first was the five minutes or so I spent watching an older woman feed the birds bagels and other bits of bread.  Unlike most bird feeders, she was throwing out chunks of bread which made for some interesting tussles among the pigeons, gulls, geese, and ducks that awaited every crumb.  Shortly after, as I started up again, I tripped and fell.  Certainly not my most spectacular fall ever but jarring none the less.  Two wonderful New Yorkers rushed to my aid.  We

Unexpected Losses

For a Friend I am thinking of you tonight I know your loss feels too great Almost too much to bear Though many have walked this path It is yours to walk today So draw on your inner strength And gather your family round you Tell the stories of his life And keep on telling them Today and all the days to come Those memories are you. And you are he. Laugh. Cry. Love. Laugh again.


Snowy Vermont Country Road I took a little break from this blog o' mine after finishing up 31 Days of Holiday Windows with a #flipagram on December 31st.  I have to admit it was tough feeding the beast for 31 days straight.  Doing so seemed to draw more of the zombie bots that troll the web in the hopes that you'll click back to their site (commonly known as referrer spam).  Rule to Live By:  Just don't click through anything with vampire, zombie, secret, or other odd words in it and you should be fine. It being the start of 2014, I thought it would be good to write down some of things I've resolved to do "more of" in 2014.  I'm not a big one for New Year's resolutions (this is the first time I've made any in years), so it will be interesting to see if I keep these.  The photos accompanying this post are from a mid-storm walk (Vermont) and post-storm walk (NYC) as Hercules blew in to help us celebrate the New Year. Walk More. With my re-