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Natural... Man-Made

Vast Wilderness

I went to Iceland to see the northern lights. No luck on seeing the lights -- nature can be fickle like that.  But I did get an opportunity to twirl alone in the great vast whiteness that is Iceland in the winter. What's better than that?

Cemetery Stops :: Terlingua

It will surprise no one who knows me well that there was a cemetery visit on a recent Texas Road Trip that took us from Austin to Marfa to Big Bend and back to Austin. We saw shooting stars, lots of art (including the Target (Marathon) and Prada Store (Marfa) . The Terlingua Cemetery dates back to 1903 and among those buried there are miners who died in mining accidents or died from mercury poisoning and residents who succumbed to the flu epidemic of 1918-19. Graves are often marked by simple wooden crosses but a number of the later graves reflect the lives -- and loves -- of those who are buried there. Fitting to stop by in the harsh light of the Texas sun. Rest in peace.