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Times Square: Then and Now

Times Square (July 2014) Times Square in the COVID19 Era (May 2020)

Women, Walking

I taught myself how to extricate an external hard drive from it's case today.  There truly is a YouTube video for everything.  Now I anxiously await a replacement case to see if the hard drive itself still works.  Mercifully, I save my SD cards as back up but I really do need to spend some time more time getting rid of photos that aren't up to snuff.  Except, sometimes, a photo that didn't catch my fancy at first glance does so weeks, months, even years later. The photo above was shot from my navel -- I kept walking and clicking in the hopes that something would catch what my eye was seeing.  For the two below, I actually stopped and aimed my camera.

End of the Line

In the era of COVID-19, the Trader Joe's lines have been long and yesterday morning's was no exception -- stretching three blocks. A small confession: I have never really understood Trader Joe's which may be because I have always been someone who wanders the aisles a bit aimlessly in pursuit of a mental list of ingredients or household items. This is also the reason why I try not to shop when hungry.