Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Enchanted Experience :: 1

Kicking It #kickingit @saks #saksholiday #anenchantedexperience #saks #nyc 2014
Kicking It
If you are already at Rockefeller Center to see the tree, seeing the Saks windows should be an easy decision because there they are -- right across 5th avenue.  Before you cross the street, be sure to catch the light show that plays across the Saks facade.  Something I need to remember to do this year (somehow I have yet to manage to watch the whole thing).

This year's theme is An Enchanted Experience which makes for a very long hashtag (#anenchantedexperience) but now that I've done a little research, #SAKSholiday also appears to be in the mix for hashtags if you are so inclined.   Not going to be in NYC for the holidays?  Holiday window unveilings have become a spectacle unto themselves and SAKS had 36 Rockettes dancing (among other things) on 5th avenue for its reveal on November 24th.  The live stream can still be found on the website along with some behind the scenes videos of how the light show and windows came to be.

Channeling Erte #channelingerte @saks #saksholiday #anenchantedexperience #saks #nyc 2014
Channeling Erte
Be warned that the line to see the 5th avenue windows can be quite long and a little slow.  This past Saturday, I hit it just right at around 10:00 am but by the time I came back out of Saks (where I had gone to warm up), there was quite a little line going.  It only promised to get longer (and slower) as the day wore on.  And this before the Christmas tree at Rock Center was fully lit up!

Mannequin Reflections #mannequinreflections @saks #saksholiday #anenchantedexperience #saks #nyc 2014
Mannequin Reflections
The non-main event windows are pretty cool -- they decided to channel Erte and art deco when designing those -- including two theatrical pieces that grace the corner windows (one of which is below).  If you have time, pop into the first floor of Saks -- the interior decor dazzles as well.

Lounging #lounging @saks #saksholiday #anenchantedexperience #saks #nyc 2014

Tune in tomorrow for some shots of the main event -- the princesses loose in the big city.

The Series
#1:  Dressing Up for the Holidays NYC Style

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