Monday, December 1, 2014

Dressing up for the Holidays :: NYC Style

Scaffolding on the Move #scaffoldingonthemove #rockcenter #rockerfellercenter #christmastree 2014
Scaffolding on the Move
I am just going to have to interrupt the construction site series (which interrupted the leaf series) to start sharing photos of NYC all dressed up for the holidays.  After all, the other two themes are evergreen whereas holiday decorations become a bit passé once the ball drops in Times Square and the New Year begins.  It's nice that I can transition slowly out of the construction series with some construction type equipment like the mobile scaffolding above.  

First, a confession.  It's only December 1st  and I've already touched base with the Bergdorf windows (#BGwindows), Saks (#anenchantedexperience), Lord and Taylor (no hashtag that I know of), Tiffany's (who needs a hashtag when you're Tiffany's), and Barney's (#bazdazzled (I think)).   I also  happened to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in preparation for its grand unveiling while out and about on Saturday.   

Tree Unadorned, #treeunadorned #rockcenter #rockefellercenter #christmastree 2014
Tree Unadorned
And that tree is as good a place as any to start this year's holiday perambulation around NYC.  I can't promise that I'll post every day -- last years 31 Days of Holiday Windows did me in -- but I may post 2x a day if the mood strikes (like today!).  

Getting Ready for the Big Show #gettingreadyforthebigshow #rockcenter #rockerfellercenter #christmastree 2014
Getting Ready for the Big Show

Back to the tree.  All of the bit players are in place at Rockefeller Center but the star of the show -- the tree -- is still a work in progress.  It's getting unveiled this Wednesday night -- December 3rd.  Rock Center is a madhouse on a regular day in December but the day of the lighting -- it's insane.  According to the Rockefeller Center Web site, tens of thousands will watch the lighting from the sidewalks (um, that does not seem possible but I'll take their word for it) and millions more will watch on TV (guess those fancy chairs above are for the hosts of this annual extravaganza).  I tried to go to the tree lighting once and ended up in an endless stream of humanity that was continuously looping through the shopping arcade.   I don't think we ever saw the tree that night and I've never tried to go back -- for the lighting that is.

All that being said, a visit to the tree is well worth the crowds and the madness if you have the time and the inclination.  It's the jewel in the crown for a city that really knows how to dress up its sidewalks in holiday style.   

Still Decorating #stilldecorating #rockcenter #rockerfellercenter #christmastree 2014
Still Decorating

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