Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fairy Tale

inspired by Music (Day) #inspiredbymusic(day) #bgwindows #windowwatchers #holidaywindows #5thavenuewindows #NYC  #holidays #besttimeoftheyear #nyc ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Inspired by Music (Day) #BGWindows #WHPfairytale
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Musician:  She dreamt of escaping the #BGwindows with her 76 trombones
and other assorted  brass and leading the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I had way too much fun with the #Instagram (IG) weekend hashtag project (WHP).  The theme -- fairy tales (#WHPfairytale for those of you who speak #hashtag).  Upon returning home from my 4 mile jaunt in Central Park, I posted three photos with accompanying snippets of fairy tales (Actor, Painter, and Traveler.  As you might expect of someone whose blog is named Scribbles and Photos, this #hashtag project was tailor made for me.  Although in the true spirit of a platform that is primarily about images, I think IG was not actually looking for us to write a story or a snippet of a story for that matter.

Inspired by Music (Night) #inspiredbymusic(night) #bgwindows #windowwatchers #holidaywindows #5thavenuewindows #NYC  #holidays #besttimeoftheyear #nyc ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Inspired by Music (Night) #BGWindows #WHPfairytale
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Musician:  She dreamt that she could go back in time and join the
Upside Down Girl Band from Bergdorf Goodman windows of yore.
I also learned two new things about IG .  First, I can link out to it from this blog (I'm a little cautious about this because of IG's behavior around my prior account (@nel234:  My Oh So Brief Love Affair with Instagram, @nel234: Instagram Update).  Second, they've added a really cool tool to their editing toolbox -- Adjust -- which alters one's perspective on things.  Looking forward to playing with that and with the new filters (maybe).

Inspired by Chemistry #inspiredbychemistry #bgwindows #windowwatchers #holidaywindows #5thavenuewindows #NYC  #holidays #besttimeoftheyear #nyc ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Inspired by Chemistry #BGWindows #WHPfairytale
 ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Chemist:  He dreamt of the beautiful musician living in the window across the street. 

Hoping that they would be together when they went home to the #BGwindows prop house.
Popular on Tumblr (put this in the category of fairy tales do come true)
It's not like this blog o' mine is going to perish under the weight of the traffic it gets which makes it pretty easy to track down the source of traffic.  Imagine my excitement on finding that Day 29: 31 Days of Holiday Windows was getting traffic from Tumblr where Midnight in Paris had posted my photo.  Since the original post was a collaboration between me and #Google (I certainly don't know how to make my photos sparkle!), i'm considering this post to be in the same vein.  Plus, the Tumblr post has 453 notes and reblogss as of right now.  Whoa -- that's a lot! Note to self:  investigate Tumblr and reblog my photo.

Reindeer #twotinyreindeer #bgwindows #windowwatchers #holidaywindows #5thavenuewindows #NYC  #holidays #besttimeoftheyear #nyc ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Two Tiny Reindeer #whipfairytale©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Two Tiny Reindeer:  They dreamt that they were soaring across the Midnight Sky with
six other tiny reindeer as Santa yelled Ho! Ho! Ho!

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