Thursday, December 11, 2014

An Enchanted Experience :: 5 (Little Red Riding Hood)

Big Eyes #bigeyes #anenchantedexperience #Saks #Saksholiday ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Big Eyes
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
It's time to return to mid-town after a brief jaunt up to the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine to see the Phoenix and the Cathedral (Phoenix Rising, On Phoenix Wings, The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, and Send in the Chairs).  I could probably wax rhapsodic about that space for another 3 posts (I surely have enough photos) but there's so much to cover and so little time when it comes to NYC and the holidays.

Fan #fan #anenchantedexperience #Saks #Saksholiday ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
There are two windows left from my visit to Saks but I'm just going to cover the Little Red Riding Hood window and then onward we'll go.  If you are wondering why that is -- I don't have any photos of the final window that I like.  If I get back that way, I'll see what I can do on that final window!

Come Closer #comecloserBW #anenchantedexperience #Saks #Saksholiday ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Come Closer - BW
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg

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