Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 29: 31 Days of Holiday Windows

Google Bling, #rockefellercenter #christmastree NYC 2013
Google Bling
This week, Google+ left me a present in my inbox -- a video made from photos that Google+ had selected from among my 2013 photos.  It was an interesting assortment to say the least and shall not be seeing the light of day anytime soon.  Or ever.  Google+ also left me the above (and the below) last week.  The addition of some sparkle makes a lot of sense on these particular photos.  By the way, did you know the Rockefeller Center tree has its own security guards?

Securing the Tree, #RockefellerCenter @ChristmasTree NYC 2013
Securing the Tree

In anticipation of wrapping up 31 Days of Holiday windows, I acquired a new app -- #flipagram -- and took a test run with some head shots of the mannequins in the Bergdorf windows.  I confess, I took a second trial run featuring photos from my various expeditions to shoot the #BGwindows that I uploaded to #Instagram.  It's a neat little app and a lot easier to manage than iMovie plus it uploads to YouTube.  What more could one want?

Head Shots

I like zooming in on the mannequins heads (as evidenced in Head Shots) but my favorite head shot of this series is….

Glamour Pup, #BGWindows #5thAvenueHolidayWindows NYC 2013
Glamour Pup

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