Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 14: 31 Days of Holiday Windows

I almost forgot to write this -- which just goes to show that I probably wouldn't be able to post something every day for an entire year.  There goes that ill-conceived New Year's Eve resolution.

It was a snowy, sleety, slippery wet day here in New York City but I still managed to walk a mile or so through Central Park.   Testing out the weather-proofed camera.  I forgot to bring a cloth to wipe my lens -- bad move as some pictures of a perfectly round little splotch in them.  Hopefully there will be more and deeper snow within the next month or so.

It was a much sunnier day when I visited Barney's to check out their 2013 windows.  They joined forces with French visual artist Joanie Lemercier on their 2013 holiday extravaganza.

I kind of liked the people watching here better than the windows but maybe that is because I skipped the more "immersive experiences."  I will say that it was nice to see windows that were focused on art and not on selling products.  I like that.

Giggling in Black, Barney's Holiday Windows #NYC 2013
Giggling in Black

I was Thinking the Same Thing, Barney's Holiday Windows #NYC 2013
I was Thinking the Same Thing

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