Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 28: 31 Days of Holiday Windows

Today I discovered, gasp, that I posted the same picture twice (Day 26 and Day 16)!  When I embarked on this project, I kind of suspected that might happen.  I guess if I ever do something like this again, I should figure out how to mark the photos as "used".  Or not, repetition is good -- or so they say.

I also saw the new Coen Brothers movie -- Inside Llewyn Davis -- today.  It was, how to put this,  slightly less uplifting than Saving Mr. Banks.  Come to think of it saving Mr. Banks wasn't necessarily all that uplifting for most of the time.  It's just the ending when that kite starts flying and everyone in the theater is crying that makes you glad Walt Disney persevered with PJ Travers so as to get Mary Poppins made. But back to Inside Llewyn Davis -- I can't say that it was my favorite Coen brothers movie.  The dialogue was good, the sound track just lovely, and the story held my attention for the entire movie.  It just did not have the moments that movies like Raising Arizona, Fargo, and No Country for Old Men do.  It does have wonderful music however.

On to today's window which is the final country that Bloomingdale's is visiting this year.  Unlike NYC (hailing a cab), Paris (walking), China (on a bike), and Venice (gondola) -- this Bloomingdale's shopper is traveling in proper English style -- replete with a chapeau worthy of a queen!

Queen of Shopping, #Bloomingdales NYC 2013
Queen of Shopping

Queen of Shopping in Black & White, #Bloomingdales NC 2013
Queen of Shopping in Black & White

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