Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 27: 31 Days of Holiday Windows

Golden King of Mardi Gras #BGwindows #5thAvenueWindows NYC 2013
Golden King of Mardi Gras
The Bergdorf Goodman Windows come in three sizes, big, bigger, and then pretty darn small.  This particular fellow, celebrating Mardi Gras, inhabits one of the small windows.   I particularly like his necklace of shiny beads…..  Above in gold tones and below in silver tones.   I like them both so why choose?

Silvery King of Mardi Gras #BGwindows #5thAvenueWindows NYC 2013
Silvery King of Mardi Gras
OK, feature window out of the way, on to a bit of prose and then maybe a video to close out this book. 

After two weeks of gorging on Lifetime holiday movies off and on (as I was baking), it is nice to be relaxing with an old classic.  No, it's not White Christmas, or Holiday Inn, or even It's a Wonderful Life. Rather, it's You've Got Mail!  I happened upon it just as Joe Fox is beginning to woo Kathleen Kelly in real time without revealing that he is her email pen pal.  It was 1998 and most of us still used dial up to get on the internet from our houses and apartments!   The movie was shot around my old neighborhood and Joe and Kathleen met in an online chat room.  The precursors to Facebook!  Seems so quaint some fifteen years later.  

Sadly, the passing of the corner bookstore, has foreshadowed in this movie, has come to fruition.  The Upper West side of New York no longer sports a Shakespeare & Co. much less a Murder, Inc.  My favorite weekend book seller, as W.B. Mason office supply sales guy during the week, is also nowhere to be found these days.  One of the Barnes & Noble bookstores has gone away -- replaced by an uptown vernon of Century 21 (because we can't have too many discount clothing stores).  In fact, the upper West side of December 2013 doesn't look a whole lot like the upper west side of 1998.  Times change and so do we.

A long time hold out against the allure of eBooks, I succumbed to a Kindle a few years ago and have never looked back.  Oh, yes, sometimes I miss the smell of paper and the heft of a book but the convenience of the Kindle is not to be beat.  Take today as an example, I wasn't much feeling in the mood for book five of Game of Thrones and so I switched to White Fire -- the latest Pendergast novel from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  It didn't require the concentration that Game of Thrones does and so was perfect for a dizzying train ride back to NYC (I was riding backwards - ugh).   Besides, I need to stretch book five out for a good long while because it does not look like Book 6 is coming out anytime soon.  

And now for the video.  This is a longer version of a video that I posted to Instagram a while back.  I was playing around with the SloMo on my new iPhone 5S and filming outside of FAO Schwartz.  I guess it counts as a seasonal video.  Without further ado, I give you Photo Bomb on 5th…

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