Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13: 31 Days of Holiday Windows

It's a Friday the 13th which I did not account for in my planning on this 31 days of windows gig that I have going -- otherwise I would have held back on the Halloween window from the Bergdorfs'  Holidays on Ice theme (featured on Day 4).  It being a Friday the 13th and my being a little tired (6:00 am train to DC this morning), I think I'll just have to go ahead and feature  a few close ups of the inhabitants of the haunted mansion in the Halloween window.  It just feels right.

First up, the requisite head shot of our main heroine rising up out of the mansion as if she is about to take flight.  Is she a damsel in distress or a Vampire just waiting for night to fall?

The Queen of Friday the 13th #BGWindows #HolidaysonIce #5thaveueholidaywindows #NYC 2013
The Queen of Friday the 13th
Next up, the scary guys who are just sitting -- or swinging -- around the mansion.  I kind of like them and wouldn't mind having one sitting in the corner of my living room (alas, there is no #BGwindows Instagram contest this year and so no opportunity to repeat as winner of a prop from the windows (as reported in Wow!).

Ghost Hand #BGWindows #HolidaysonIce #5thaveueholidaywindows #NYC 2013
Ghost Hand
Cloaked and Masked #BGWindows #HolidaysonIce #5thaveueholidaywindows #NYC 2013
Cloaked and Masked
The Architect with a Wooden Leg #BGWindows #HolidaysonIce #5thaveueholidaywindows #NYC 2013
The Architect with a Wooden Leg

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