Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 18: 31 Days of Holiday Windows

It's Day 18 and I wrapped two presents last night using a steak knife to cut the wrapping paper and really, really cheap tape (there should be a law against store brands using the same color packaging as the real thing and against stores interspersing their own brand with the real thing).  I had thought the steak knife would be the problem but it really was the tape that drove me mad.

And, before you ask, I do not know where my scissors are.  They pulled a disappearing sock act on me and several attempts to find them have turned up nothing.  I can't imagine having thrown them out but perhaps I did. Time for a trip to Staples!

It seems like it might be time for another Tiffany's window (Day Six).  This does not quite qualify as a throwback (it was one of the 2012 windows after all) but it is one of my favorites from last year.

Tiffany's Tree #holidaywindows #5thavenuewindows NYC 2012
Tiffany's Tree

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